My photographic alter-ego is InContextPhotography. I chose the name because I like to take pictures of things in situ, Latin for “in the place” – in their natural habitat, in other words. Reality.

For me, a day without taking a picture is a day that’s incomplete. Like so many things in life, success is a combination of preparation and luck – but luck is not always “dumb” and can be enhanced by hard work and planning. Over time I’ll share some of my work here. More can be found on my Flickr page (see below).

The picture below is of a Great Blue Heron, taken on the shores of Little Lake, Peterborough, Ontario. The preparation involved was being there at the right time of day and month, camera in hand, when the full moon was just rising and reflecting off the Otonobee River to the east. (The light on the water is the rising moon.) The luck was the weather and the heron. The picture has not been digitally enhanced or modified in any way. Sometimes you just get lucky…

Blue Heron, Little Lake, Ontario, Fall 2008

Blue Heron, Little Lake, Ontario, Fall 2008

For more of my pictures, please go to InContextPhotography on Flickr:




“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

Ben Franklin

(Or photograph something worth seeing… and sharing.)

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