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The pages on this site arrange my experience in different ways, to help people looking for specific expertise find what they want. If you’re looking primarily for my technical and business communication and management experience, the page to go to first is “Technology & Communications“. If you are looking for the full monty (or as much as I’m willing to put online), “Short CV” is the best page. If you’re just looking for my military experience, “Military Experience” is of course the place to go.

Whatever you’re looking for, I urge you to browse a bit. I’ve been pretty lucky in my work life to have been part of a lot of interesting scientific and technological developments, and I muse a bit on them – particularly on the “Science & Environment” and “Bio: Technology” pages.

However, if you haven’t jumped to another page by now, and what you’d like is something in between the above pages and the brief notes on the “Welcome…” landing page, here’s the executive summary of my work life:

I’m a very highly qualified technical & business communicator and trainer, with decades of experience. I’ve run businesses small and large, managed projects, understand the needs, and enjoy the challenges. I’m currently a partner in Paradigm Consultants, a health services consultancy specializing in issues involving human and environmental health.

I have extensive international experience in the management of commercial and military high-tech aerospace projects and systems, in training and technical communications, and in marketing, in the public and private sectors. I’ve worked with organizations ranging from small businesses and local governments to global enterprises and foreign governments. I have graduate degrees in science and adult education, and have taught college courses in business and technical communications. I can create a training program for you, train your trainers, develop marketing materials, write user guides for delivery by any media – basically, if it involves communication I can help.

I’ve built websites for a UAV manufacturer with patented technology, for a high-level health policy consultant, and for an award-winning architect. I don’t just build the structure: I create the content.

I’ve developed documentation and training for a wide variety of systems and applications, with deliverables ranging from 400-plus-page user manuals and course materials for instructor-led classes, to computer-based training (CBT), embedded help, web-based training (WBT) and global marketing campaigns.

In addition I have many years of experience as an environmental officer, lobbyist, science researcher and writer, and as a teacher of economic geography, environmental studies, and computer science.

If you’d like to talk please give me a call, or use the contact form below.

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Mobile phone: 705-761-6081

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“If you can’t explain something simply,
you don’t understand it well.”

Albert Einstein

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